Thursday, August 13, 2015

The Pickle Jar is FULL

The day before retirement - and the pickle jar is full.  Josiah landed this morning. It's always glorious to have all the Gherkins in one place!  
Josiah (Gherkin #3) and Stacia (Gherkin #9)
As you can see from this photo, the day didn't  begin with a trip to SMF - but we'll start blogging here and give the cake excitement its own post.  
 Stacia's 10th birthday is on the 16th... folks will be  leaving on that day. We decided today is the one day when all 9 Gherkins will be here, and nothing retirement is planned. We're celebrating with family today.

It was here, at the airport, that the hilarity of the cake fiasco dawned on me,  the "catastrophe" turned into a great story - instantly. This proved once again Choosing Joy is always a good option.  

We went directly from the airport to the visitor center to get base passes for Mom and Dad, Josiah and Phil and Beverly. Our next stop was Burger King - where Michael met up with us.  Michael asked what the "cake chaos" was all about - another post. After a quick hug, he left to continue working on his checklist.
From lunch we moved on to transferring tables from one location to another. 
We met Ed at Foothills chapel and began decorating...Chaplain (LT Col, Retired) John Simmons and Nadine - Open Bible endorsers joined us here. Nadine, Larissa and mom were a great help with all the decorating when the kids and I got called away to rehearse.
Rehearsing - all 9 Gherkins

After rehearsal we loaded things from Michael's office  and headed off to celebrate Stacia's birthday!

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