Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Bowling, Crafting, Slackling and Grandparents

The girls and I spent time this a.m. playing with some ideas for the retirement reception. We settled on the mason jars (left or center) rather than the vase (right). We added to PWOC's patriotic collection.
Check it out - a full van again 
Dakota, Izaak Bre
Jamin, Krista, Arielle
Jared, Lariss Nolan
Alex, Stacia

 We headed to the base for some COOL activities.  Bre and I ran retirement errands and did a quick run through the commissary.  The rest of the gang headed to the bowling ally for a couple of games.
Krista (Gherkin # 2)

Alex (Gherkin #8)
 They divided into three teams - The Superheroes, The Disney Princesses and The Gray Team. The "Disney Princesses" won one game.
Arielle (Gherkin #6) , Krista, Stacia (Gherkin #9)

Jamin (Gherkin #4) and Jared (Gherkin #5)

Nolan (Gherkin #7)


Um - a fish story?
  "The Gray team" won the second game
Dakota (grandson), Izaak (son in law), Alex (Gherkin #8), Michael (Boyfriend #1)
 Dinner gave Michael an opportunity to use his "mega grill" one last time. We have chosen to send it to Izaak, rather than store it. LOL

We decided to spend walk to a local park.
Have you ever heard of  slacklining? Krista come up with the greatest activities....that's probably what makes her so good working with the Park and recreation dept in the summer. LOL It's harder than it looks. This may be a purchase for the RV....
Laressa (Jared's girlfriend), Nolan (Gherkin #7) and Krista (Gherkin #2)

Stacia has loved getting to know Larissa these past two weeks
Michael suggested a new location...
Much safer - obviously too low
 Minutes before Alex badly sprained/jammed his finger.  

We headed home to meet Gma and Gpa T at their Estimated Time of more Gherkin to arrive and we'll be ready for the retirement festivities. 

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