Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Houshold Goods Gone

It is over....or at least the moving out of the house part of it is over. 
Next is the cleaning and prepping this house to hand over the keys part.
The sorting through the piles of "trailer stuff" to see what will really fit part.
The painting trim inside the trailer part.
The finding a bike solution part.
But for now....
We're just happy the moving household goods part is done. 

Our movers  are usually very appreciative of us - Michael used to drive for a moving company. I heard a couple of discussions and was told face to face how nice it was that the house was "so organized" and "so clean." They appreciated our signs and got a kick out of how prepared we were for them. One told me how kind my signs were, "Most don't say 'please' when talking to us." It always makes the work worthwhile. There was only piece of furniture that I didn't know what they would find when they  moved it....more on that later.
The ice water is greatly appreciated in this heat - and lunch goes a long way to making friends. LOL  Fetching ice, water, snacks and lunch also keeps me busy so I don't freak out about odd noises. Today, I took another load to Airmen's Attic.
As they become comfortable with us we hear the most amazing stories...like the man that told them, "If you get thirsty there is a hose on the side of the house," or the ones who refused to let them use the bathroom. We also heard of four families that decided to sign up for ONE military move....thinking no one would know there were actually four families moving. The military family was allowed 15,000 lbs and the move came in at 42,000 lbs. They were furious when they realized they had to pay $100 per pound over 15K. I'd say someone missed a briefing or two.
We haven't experienced many of the horror stories we hear about. These guys were equal to the famed Japanese movers...
Five dish packs out of the China Hutch. They were doing well until they realized they had to LOAD the China Hutch on to the truck. There was no way it was going to fit. Our rescue truck arrived and saved the day.  I was a bit alarmed at the clanging going on as they packed the china. Michael told them it was "high value," and it got instantly better.  We found evidence of past family fun behind the hutch....
Joel - I never got a photo of Dre
While they packed, we filled nail holes and removed wall decals.
The kids were happy to occupy themselves upstairs in the AC cooled rooms. 

We booked our first week's worth of campgrounds. I am ready to PLAY come 31 Aug, but Michael wisely shares our priority is to get settled in the trailer. This means we need to take things to the girls and storage to my parents. We'll put off playing another bit of time.  He's right - it will be a colossal pain to haul around so much stuff we plan to deliver at some point to OR. LOL
It's always sort of sad when movers leave. 

Kenny was an interesting character to talk with and kept the team moving well
We are settling into the minimalist lifestyle - few things but lots of space. LOL This is how we began our time at Beale. We were in the house a good two weeks before household goods arrived.

Michael fashioned a pan from the box so we could reheat pizza.

Life is good if you have Monopoly...

Look what they forgot to pack! We'll be the life of the campground. I envision inviting many camp hosts over for hot chocolate. ::snort::

We're done with the pack out a full day earlier than predicted.


Debbie said...

Great job all around. Now enjoy a bit of relaxation.

DeEtta @ Courageous Joy said...

Yes. We spent the day playing....and picked up the Caboose from the repair shop. LOL