Monday, August 24, 2015

Yuuki's Moving Day

Guest post by Yuuki
Its become apparent  Mom and Dad are preoccupied. I've done my best to remind them  I am HERE.
I've laid on the stairs as they scurried up and down.
I've tried to tempt them into walks - Mom hasn't taken me walking four FOUR DAYS.
Looking longingly at the leash resulted in it being put in a giant pile and a label affixed.
This morning three strange men took over our home. I howled an alarm, but no one seemed to care as they carried box after box out of our home.  I continued to whimper and howl until I realized my family simply didn't care if they were robbed blind.
I noticed all the most prized possessions had a special sign affixed to them. I wrangled this most audacious badge of honor from Stacia.
These men like music unlike any *I've* ever heard before.  I finally had all I could take and escaped to the neighbor's house. They knew the family would be lost without me and so I returned to guard the family until the men left.
The family keeps talking about the big pile moving into "The Caboose."  I'm not sure what has gotten into them. What could full-timing mean? Will I have a house to guard? I hear lots of talk about 6 foot leashes and stakes.  Stacia keeps talking about snow and Mom and Dad keep mention Snow Birds. I've hunted a lot of birds before, but I can't remember this type. I sense my life is about to change. 
It was a long day. Moving is tiring.  

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Anonymous said...

poor baby! Be kind to our grand-dog. :):):):):) I'll bet she howled! love/prayers from both of us. dad/mom t.