Sunday, September 13, 2015

Arriving in Crescent City

We arrived in Crescent City and began settling in to our space. We actually paid a weekly fee here! We're putting down roots.

After lunch the kids and Michael enjoyed the field behind our space .

I got organized to begin school tomorrow. We were happy to school through June and July....the break was nice...but several are itching to get back to school.

Portable school library stacked to the right - pantry under the seat.
The "General" books tomorrow I'll figure out where they'll fit in The Caboose
We headed in to town to pick up a few items Mom G needed, things we needed and to see the sunset. Seeing the sunset took longer than expected, resulting in a later than expected night.

Here are a few photos Alex took. Michael took quite a few more - which we'll post later.

I'm a bit worried about how school is going to work with retirement....and living in The Caboose....but we've managed each adjustment fairly well. We're off.


Anonymous said...

Zander has a good eye: )
Bre D

DeEtta @ Courageous Joy said...

That's what I thought too. I repeatedly asked Michael if he'd told him to take the shots or taken the photos....he set up one shot for him, but Zander took the photos..... Several of you have "the eye." I think I'll ask Dad to help them develop the eye....and you tube. LOL