Saturday, September 05, 2015

Ti'lomikh Falls

Michael headed into Gold Hill when we left The Oregon Vortex. Along the way we saw a sign for Ti'lomikh Falls and he took it. GREAT CALL.

The Takelma (People of the River) had a village here and have celebrated the salmon ceremony for thousands of years. During the ceremony, an elder from the Takelma sat on a stone rock, called the "Story Chair," and netted the first salmon of the spring run. To allow the salmon to swim upstream and spawn, the first salmon was prepared and divided among the people as a sacrament. To ensure the salmon would return, his bones were carefully returned to the pool below the falls. Then the fishing season began. 

Beagle heaven - so much to sniff out

These 3 are troopers - adjust great to our new lifestyle

 We drove around to another view of the river and then to the other side of the falls. Back at the trailer we enjoyed dinner and games.  


Unknown said...

Beautiful!!! I hope your ankle is feeling better!

Anonymous said...

very interesting! l/p - mom t