Tuesday, October 27, 2015

A Diagnosis or What De'Etta Thinks about Parkinson's

One of our reasons for returning early to the Beale AFB area was to figure out what happened with the expected "medical board."

We discovered the local medical board looked at the diagnosis on the record and, by regs, Michael should face a medical board.  Rather than send the records up the chain, they decided to do a RILO (Retire in Lieu of).

In reading over the RILO report I was taken aback to see Michael's diagnosis in black and white. As I read through all the symptoms they noted, my stomach sunk. I suppose I held out hope something else was going to turn up.  They had given numbers for a variety of functions and noted things we didn't think were important - it all adds up to the fact they believe he has Parkinson's Disease.

Now we have answers. Some humorous, some sad. All of it hard, I'm sure it will get easier as we live with this reality a day at a time.  

Concrete changes - we hope the meds will help Michael feel better.  Yesterday was a bad day...stiff, stumbling, off balance and sort of "motion sick."

I am probably going to have to learn how to pull a 31 foot, squirrely trailer - Lord have MERCY.

My eyes leak at odd times - because really no one envisions their golden years with an incurable condition.  And I am not a care giver type - we have lots of jokes about THIS aspect of the whole thing. I actually look forward to seeing the work God does in me through this.

We had PLANNED to full time RV at about 70 - after missions. Our plan was to visit our kids and bless them - to be the Happy Wanderers. This is a dream we've had. Circumstances allow us to live this dream NOW-and we are determined to live fully present. We ARE learning about the implications of this disease, but we are striving for a balance of preparing for what may well come - and living NOW - making good memories NOW.  Some are concerned we aren't facing the implications - we are. In the way that is best for us. Some think we are too worried about Parkinson's and it's "not a big deal," again, we're dealing with this as we can. We know the impact it is having in OUR situation.

I imagine there will be things said on the blog we will wish hadn't been shared. I imagine there will be silent days and weeks as we work through a few issues in private. Thank you for your care of us - simply pray and we'll share what we can as we can.

This has impacted our immediate ministry plans - but God KNOWS what is going on. He is NOT surprised. There is a REASON He breathed a passion for the nation of Japan into our spirits.

He is GOOD.



GladheartSue said...

Wow! God trusts you two a lot to allow this. Interesting how it all is working out. Must be His plan because it is evident not the way you would have arranged this part of life. Having been retired from a much less significant life than yours, (at age 65), it has also had some different type health issue challenges. None the less, it is the same God we depend upon and know that for 79 years of taking care of me, He is trustworthy. And from your faith experience, I am confident that you also have that same faith experience. So sorry for the adjustments you are obviously making and considering and I certainly will include you in my prayers. Blessings of God's grace and promises and abiblity to bring answers to prayer for healing if that is part of His plan. In His Love, ~Sue Shaw

Laura said...

For the record... I believe you all are facing this exactly the way that is right for you. You know you have our prayers now and in the future. They won't stop. Your ministry is on-going and powerful. Thankful for you and your special family. And sending our love to you always.

Poppyseed Vintage said...

We've been praying for awhile now, and will continue. I read the blog of Pastor Dee F. Duke at Jefferson Baptist Church in Jefferson Oregon, he has PD and is very transparent with his journey. You might find it interesting and encouraging. https://deefduke.wordpress.com/author/deefduke/

Much love and prayers to your family!

Debbie said...

I have to second Laura's comment that I think you are handling and processing it in exactly the right way for you. No one else should question this. I have prayed and will continue to pray for your family. God has great plans...maybe not what was expected but you, Mike and the children have always had a marvelous impact on those around you for the kingdom and I don't see that changing.

Kathy in WA said...

Love your beautiful family. Praying for you each step of the way. Thank you for sharing some of the journey with us.

Anonymous said...


Our dearly loved kids: Oh how our hearts hurt for you both. We do understand much of what you two are going thru and facing.

We stand firm and strong with you. Sis, you and I will learn some of this together. AND GUESS WHAT? We will both make it and in fact will not just make it we will be absolutely spectacular as caregivers....even though our situations are different. GOD IS WITH US AND GOD IS GOING TO AND IS BLESSING ALL OF US in our families. Honey we love you two so much, we love you more than you can imagine.

Dad/I are proud of you and Mike in all ways from the beginning. The knowledge, faith and trust you both have in God is wonderful. The ministries you have had is amazing. The way you continue to show Christ is awesome. Like you said...... 10-15 plus of ministry left etc.

Dad/I are praying for you in all ways concerning your life now. Would not surprise us as all to see you going to Japan in time.

Please know we are sending hugs by the tons to you both.
we are also praying for all your children as they deal with this.

We look forward to reading about your years of wandering around enjoying and seeing so much. We also look forward to reading about your ministry as it happens.

all our love/prayers ----- dad/mom t.

Anonymous said...

on the lighter side of things........ you will be a good caregiver ...... you have been a wonderful Mom to 9 great kids and that certainly took a lot of caregiving. l/P Mom t.

Linda said...

Praying for you, my friend.

Renee said...

a local friend is going through similar but different issues with her dh. You might enjoy her blog at: http://kksmith8694.blogspot.com/

Karen said...

A friend directed me to your blog! I have a husband who also struggles with a debilitating health condition. And we blog as well! It is always hard to know what to say and what not to say. We desire to share openly and honestly about some of the struggles we have but as well as the faith we have. I think others need to know it's okay to struggle! But when the day is done, our faith remains in tact. And our love for Him and for others remain in tact. NOw...don't get me wrong...we do ALOT of questioning God sometimes. But the fact remains...He is our only hope! And that's what we want others to see in us and through our blog. So I will pray that God will use your blog to touch people's hearts! That you will be blessed because of your blogging!

DeEtta @ Courageous Joy said...

Thanks all for the kind words and most of all the prayers. Thanks, Karen for sharing your understanding perspective. I'm glad your friend (Renee) sent you this way.