Friday, October 02, 2015

#WYFF - Fishing @ Lake Pleasant

This week's #WYFF proves one can find, and enjoy, nature in the middle of a fancy RV Park.  Note how close they are to the back of a big ole Mother Home. LOL  While you can barely see feet in this photo - I assure you they each have wet, cold feet.
Stacia got up EARY this morning and sat down beside me on the couch. She didn't seem extremely motivated to have breakfast, go to the shower-house, or to start school. She wasn't complaining of a bad dream or feeling ill. I finally asked why she was up so early.  It seems Dad told them last night if they got up early, he'd take them fishing before we moved. Big time Daddy Points!

At 0 Dark Thirty, Michael, Alex and Stacia headed out to the Lake- in the drizzly mist.

Alex dropped his line and immediately caught a fish.
He then had a dry spell, while everyone else caught fish. Fishing at Lake Pleasant RV Park is catch and release. He eventually caught six more fish.

Nothing screams "back to nature" like a lake ringed by 40ft motorhomes ::snort::

In the end they caught 21 fish, enjoyed a beautiful morning, and made a zillion memories.

Yuuki and I checked in on them during our morning walk. We decided it was too cold and wet to stay and watch.  Three hours after leaving the Caboose, they returned with stories - fish stories.

Stacia retells her glory-filled exploits. She caught "almost 11," and she's sticking by the story and has no idea why we all think it's cute. Michael says she's a natural fisherman - her determination, she set and reeled them all in, her MATH, as well as her cute stories. Alex caught 7.  Both were happy!
The above photo also serves to illustrate an upcoming repair project. Our "WOOD" is buckling and peeling. We've been too busy to take a heat gun to it yet - but we're diligent to tear off the hanging, peeling sheets of "white wood."  We'll paint it one of these days....still pondering the color question.

Oh yes, we relocated from Bothell to Tacoma (Fort Lewis Travel Camp) today. We saw one of the first chaplains Michael worked with at the BX, went shopping for Baby D - this is boy week - though I may have found a couple of girl things too; never know if I'll be around stores next week -  and enjoyed an evening of movies in the Caboose.
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Anonymous said...

beautiful place. goodness the two young G's seem to be growing up a bit each week. so cute, handsome, and awesome.

DeEtta @ Courageous Joy said...

They sure are.