Friday, October 02, 2015

It's GRAND - We're having a Grandbaby!

I'm going to be  Gemma, Granna, Grammie or whatever the little darlin wants to call me. Michael is going to be Grandpa. ::wink::  In fact, I have an electronic Grandbaby count down and it tells me that Baby D is due in 194 days.

For this child (we) prayed; and the LORD has given (us our) petition which (we) asked of him: Therefore also (we) have (given) him to the LORD; as long as he liveth he shall be (given) to the LORD. And (they) worshipped the LORD there.
I Samuel 1:27, 28

Many of you know Izaak and BreAnne's journey towards parenthood. Many have been praying God would grant them their desire for a child. Months longer than we would have liked to wait - but in His perfect timing - HE HAS GRANTED THEM THEIR HEART'S DESIRE.  We are so excited to announce BreAnne is now 12 weeks pregnant and Baby D is slated to arrive in April 2016.

Those of you who have faithfully prayed for this day - thank you. You're the advance prayer team. Please continue to pray for this little life.

Here are some photos Bre has texted over the past weeks....enjoy the journey to date in photos.

Bre has the most creative ways to share news with Izaak!
1 August - and we're just a wee bit excited to hear that Bre is just pregnant!  Yes, with each Skype request we told ourselves not to expect a pregnancy announcement but this time there WAS ONE. Michael and I in the upper right corner.

We happened to be in Eugene for Bre's first OB appointment. It was a fantastic day when Bre saw a little heart beating.

It's been wonderful fun as Bre texts weekly photos of herself and Baby D. She has been charting growth and development on a chalkboard. We've used these as prayer prompts and the kids have been excited to know what is growing each week.  Here are a few of the weekly shots.


Anonymous said...

we had fun suspecting and are so excited to see, hold and definitely love this little one. God bless you two soon to be G'Parents. love/prayers mom t.

Laura said...

Absolutely fantastic in every way! :D

DeEtta @ Courageous Joy said...

#Mom - thanks! Agreed - this one will be well-loved and much held. LOL

#Thanks, Laura, we agree!