Friday, October 16, 2015

#WYFF Moving Down the Coast

It's Friday - and we're on the move.  We haven't found a prettier stretch of road than Hwy 101 - Pacific Coast Hwy - yet. It's winding - but we're taking it slow and only driving a couple of hours a day. This makes it much more enjoyable for Alex and I and our tummies. OK - the mifi with unlimited data also makes driving much more enjoyable. ::Snort::

Travel days are pure joy when you are on roads as pretty as Hwy 101.


Our lunch stop proved to be a good chance for Michael to take care of a bit of new maintenance needs.


We passed down the coast until we came to Jesse M. Honeyman Memorial State Park. It was a tight fit to get the Caboose and the Beast into our campsite. Michael is a pro...look at this....up on blocks....middle of the blocks....and we're level. We are very close to nature in this spot - trees/shrubs right up against the windows.

It's true - while the men figured out how to fit us into the spot, leveled us and hooked up....Stacia and I ran up the trail to see the sand dunes. This is another beautiful campsite.


Michael and I made a trip to Florence for groceries, while the kids waited for Arielle and Krista to arrive.

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