Friday, November 27, 2015

A Tale of Two Kites - #WYFF

Michael spent a happy afternoon in the Fam Camp lounge watching the Oregon/Oregon State and the Washington/Washington State games. Ducks won - simply confirming I'm a jinx to the Ducks and Seahawks. If I don't watch - they win.

I tried to find our "holiday" box - and couldn't. THIS is our traditional day for getting a tree, decorating, watching Muppets Christmas Carol, and pulling out the books and such for Advent.  None of these were on the agenda for today. In my hunting for "the box,"  I found  kites.

We are in an outer loop of Fam Camp. Our loop has only 4 spaces (others have 8), this leaves quite a bit of open space in front of our trailers. On the other side of the street from the camp are open fields.....I'm not sure why we hadn't thought of kites before. We have plenty of wind.  Within minutes, Nolan joined me. It was both relaxing and exhilarating. Just what a day failing to live up to old traditions needed.

Nolan with The Legs

Our fun kite from Florence, OR
As fate would have it ,the little tie-dye kite we bought in Florence, OR hit a gust of wind and lodged in the one tree in the area.
Danger, danger!

It became apparent 95% of this tree was dead and Nolan would not be able to free the kite by simply climbing in the tree.
Do you spot Nolan in the tree? 

Alex observed the situation, and came out to take advantage of the opportunity to "fly the legs," meanwhile, Nolan and I taped together everything we had that would give us a bit more reach.
Alex is happy to help!

About this time our neighbors returned from a walk to the Commissary. She said she'd told her husband, "Look there are pants flying in the air." ::snort:: He brought out a ladder and a couple of more poles to lengthen the one we'd already made.  Nolan climbed to the top, extended the long arm and got 90% of the kite down. The kite, the string and 1/3 of the tail were rescued. We'll add some more ribbons and it will be good as new.  I had a good talk with Mrs. while Mr. held the ladder. Seems they retired in their mid-late 40's in 1995 and hit the road full-timing. They will be here until the end of February - I plan to pick her mind for oh-so-many-tidbits-of-helpful-info.
Like a good neighbor....
We all decided to go on a kite walk. I see more of this in our future.....yes, we were aware of the power lines and were appropriately cautious. We had a mission. We went to roust Michael from the lounge - which we did. He joined us for a bit of flying....and then it was time to move on to Part B of the Day after Thanksgiving.

It's a true friend who not only observes your slightly eccentric Friday behavior but makes plans to JOIN you in your craziness! 

It's Pizza and Game night with the Gherkins - but we couldn't really fit many in the trailer. The D family invited us over to their TLF for one last Friday night blow out.

Nolan was SO happy he found victims for Monopoly

I informed the men they looked like druggies in the Thanksgiving photos. They obliged and posed for a keepsake photo.
Much better
It was a great day! Our feet had plenty to keep them busy, football, kites and friends! The best kind of day!

BTW, I know our friend's names, but they wouldn't want it online.

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