Thursday, November 26, 2015

The Rest of Thanksgiving Day

I've prayed for at least one friend to last a lifetime at each assignment. God answered that prayer with several during our assignment at Beale - or at least we assume so from this vantage point. ::grin::

This year we tossed Thanksgiving traditions and participated in a totally new round of activities. The lounge has a few channels and Michael has been enjoying football. He spent the morning watching a game or two.

I discovered a campground laundry room is EMPTY on Thanksgiving morning - so I did laundry.

The kids played games.

We touched base with several of the elder Gherkins.

Treasured friends from the chapel are preparing to move overseas. They cleared housing on Wednesday.  We joined forces and caravanned to Roseville for Thanksgiving dinner at Lucille's BBQ. What a novel idea. No stress, no work, no mess - just lots of excellent food and enjoyable conversation. My only regret is the Thanksgiving Tablecloth is in storage., a rather short-sighted decision on my part. I may go find a small one and make it for our RV'ing years.

I picked up this vet on the corner and brought him home for dinner.

All in all it was a great day. We were happy to squeeze in more time with these precious  friends.  C and I used to joke about our upcoming moves. She said she prayed we wouldn't leave until she did. Our retirement was 3.5 months before their scheduled move....and we are - preparing to say goodbye to them this week.  I think her prayers were more powerful than ours. ::wink:: 

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