Friday, November 13, 2015

#WYFF - Beale and Anchorage

This #WYFF finds our family split up. Michael and Nolan are in Alaska. They have been able to spend a few days with a chapel family we knew in  2002-2005. When we were told we needed to curtail our travel plans, we realized it would be much simpler to maintain our residency in Alaska than to drive to Texas to change everything over. We used some airline miles and Michael zipped up to visit the DMV and renew his was the perfect time for Nolan to get his learner's permit as well.  They have had fun searching for moose, visiting old haunts and checking out the DMV.  This was the window before Michael begins the medication for Parkinson's - so he took it.
Stacia climbs the tree outside our front door
Meanwhile, here at Beale Fam Camp...we've hit the books, taken walks, enjoyed bike rides, spent times with friends.....and did our first solo draining of tanks.
Alex is a pro!
Another week down. This is not what we'd envisioned when we moved into the trailer...but we're adjusting well.

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