Thursday, December 17, 2015

We're in Oregon

Over the river and through the was a good call by Weatherman Nate and Jennifer. Thanks, friend. It was good for us to leave on Wednesday rather than Saturday or Friday.  The roads weren't bad - but there was a feeling that snow was going to dump at any moment.

It was 30* when we stopped for lunch.  We are used to snow in the mountains but its usually not down to the valley and the road. 

It was a beautiful drive. I had a hard time leaving our tiny home on wheels in CA - but it's best for this trip. We certainly make better time without it. ::snort:: 

We are staying at Krista, Arielle and Katie's home this week. When we arrived Mom was at the girl's home,  cooking for a youth group progressive dinner which was going to be popping in at any moment. We pitched in, then sat and ate and visited with the kids when they arrived.  Krista left with the gang for the next house. We caught up with Arielle and Mom. Dad came over for a visit. Krista got home. Mom and Dad left. Bre stopped by (she had AWANA earlier). We visited a few more hours.  It's good to be with the Gherkins. 

We've arrived early - so we'll try to stay out of everyones way until THEIR holidays begin! LOL The boys will arrive after Christmas. 

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