Thursday, January 07, 2016

All Good Things

Three weeks in Eugene! (Or 2 and some change?)

During one week we had all nine of our children in the same city (and Izaak and Dakota make 11) - with eight of them sleeping under our roof. It was an exhilarating week.  

All too quickly three male Gherkins departed the state.

And tomorrow - the traveling branch of the Gherkins will take off and leave three girls, a son in a law, a grandson, an expected grandblessing, a brother and his fantastic family,  a sister, a cousin, nieces and nephews, and a set of parents.....

We have lived FULLY the past three weeks. We've had Gma and Gpa over for dinner many nights, we've attended several gift exchanges, met geocaching goals, gotten in person glimpses of our grandblessing, met oodles of the girls' friends, helped BreZaak move, helped Jared purchase a car, attended three local churches and now it's TIME. 

Time to pack away the memories and move into 2016....but first, tonight.....we'll make a couple of more memories at Krista and Arielle's home. 

Yes, this is one of two or three things I do really miss from our "Stick and Brick"  (S&B) home. I will store up the music and the memory and treasure it in the months ahead. 

We actually do have Snowboard Kids in the Caboose - but the chance to play with Krista and Arielle is fleeting.


I'm reminded once again of seasons....and the traveling Gherkins will be back in Eugene in April/May to meet our new grandblessing skin to skin. 

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