Thursday, January 07, 2016

Shameless Granna

Oh the joy! Oh the possibilities. I am going to be shameless when this little princess arrives. Can you imagine the grandma's brag book I can compose on the blog????  Yeah - I know.

We met up with BreZaak at Daily Bagel today for lunch. Yummy food, fun conversation and eager anticipation.

Left - Stacia, Michael, Izaak, Bre, Nolan, Arielle, Alex (Zander)
For our next stop  - Bre's Doctor.  Isn't she getting so cute????!!!! I asked her if very pregnant looking photos bothered her (because I do have boundaries and don't post things family doesn't want posted)....they don' here is Bre at 26 weeks and 2 days!
26 weeks - 2 days - CHECK

They had scheduled another ultrasound today to get some better shots of our doll's heart.  They are allowed to bring two guests to the ultrasounds. Dakota went with BreZaak last time. They asked me to come this time. Michael said we'd stay up here for the appointment....then she called and said they'd given her special dispensation to let BOTH of us attend the ultrasound.  I planned on behaving. I planned on NOT taking photos in the room...but there she was.....our little blessing.

What can I say? I COULDN'T miss the opportunity to take my first photo of our grandblessing. Though I KNOW the ultrasound photos are clearer - here is a photo Granna took of her Granddaughter....the very first one......They didn't kick me out.

Granna's profile shot of Baby D

And here are a couple of ultrasound shots.....This one is looking up her chin and nostrils - not a flattering posture for any gal. Grandpa pointed out, and the boys concur,  she looks like the Emperor in Star Wars in this picture.

Middle - chin, mouth, nostrils, tip of nose
 This is a full frontal face photo - notice her cheeks are CHUBBY! Ah - I can't very kissable.

Face on - 
Bre dropped by this evening to deliver a gift Izaak had found for Michael. Isn't this great? They removed the jerky (which is on the Don't Eat Lest you Die list now that he's on meds) and filled it with mega stuffed Oreos.

 We've had a great visit with all the kids. We'll cherish the weeks we've had in Oregon. One last chance to hug Baby D......

but Michael cut out Baby D so we had him take another. LOL 

Tomorrow, we hit the road....back to the Caboose....which we are actually excited to see. 


Cynthia said...

How exciting :). And, I see your "grandma name" must be Granna? Cute!

Jodi said...

Your first picture is the best! You must be so excited!!

DeEtta @ Courageous Joy said...

Cynthia, I have declared my Grandma Name to be "Granna D" I was going to go for GG -Gorgeous Grandma at Stacia's nudging but GG is Great Grandma.....and I like Granna....but we shall see what the babies end up calling me in the days to come. Right? I'm sure you didn't set out to be titled "Go Go" - yet it's darling and until further naming occurs....I am happily planning to be Granna. And Michael is determined he is Grandpa - which is better than Grandfather but not nearly as fun as Peepaw.

I would also be find being Bachaan (Japanese).

And Jodi, YES so excited.

Anonymous said...

Sis: God bless you all. Excited for you all. Going to be fun to have a G'Pa & G'ranna, new Aunt's and new uncles. Exciting.

Praying for everyone but mostly for the baby and Bre.

love/prayers -- dad/mom t.