Thursday, February 04, 2016

Campfire Community

Campfires are fantastic. Campfires, with neighbors, rock.
We envisioned ourselves as road warriors - moving every 3 or 4 days, parked amongst awe-inspiring views, exploring ever-changing backgrounds.  Instead, we have been parked at a Military Fam Camp since the end of October.  We were surprised to find a community with 10 or 11 active-duty-permanent residents, 10 or so couples which stay 2 - 4 months each year, and about the same number which travel in and out -  spending a few days "on their way."  

We've enjoyed meeting a variety of people in our time here.  Our original plan was to be here for a few days as we switched over to retiree id cards. The hosts were helpful when we discovered we'd need to stay a significant amount of time, but they told us we'd have to move sites. It seems our site was reserved by a couple which visits each year from Nov - Feb.  They suggested a spot, we suggested we simply move one over - which we did.  Tom and Sandy moved in hours after we moved over.

Tom and Sandy are inspiring (but that will be another post that has been germinating since June), they have been great neighbors. They've always had a friendly word for us - kids included. They helped Nolan and I retrieve our kite from a tree. They rescued Featherstone during a fierce wind storm.  Tom helped Michael replace our hot water heater element. Sandy shared encouragement with me about how to support a husband who happens to be a disabled vet.

Tonight, we enjoyed campfire community. They shared stories and tips from their years living full-time in an RV. Due to Tom's health, they now have a home in Sequim, WA and travel down here once a year to be near family. They've never joined a campground membership (Thousand Trails et al) saying they prefer not to live like "sausages."  We shared how campgrounds are more congested and expensive than we anticipated. We discovered even State and National parks require reservations. They're option of choice has been military Fam Camps. We hear, however, many of these are full a year in advance. Who knew?  We discussed the benefits of staying in one location through the summer. The idea of staying put so shortly after being released to travel is not a happy thought.....but we are considering the benefits of knowing we have a spot when the rest of the world hits the interstates.

Tom and Sandy pull out for Sequim in the morning. They will be back in Nov for a few months. We will be coming back to the neurologist every three months - we expect our paths to cross again. I wish we'd met them 20 years ago when they were full-timing - but then we wouldn't have been. ::snort::
Tom & Sandy's home on wheels
Note - it seemed awkward to take a photo of Tom and Sandy and so I didn't. I regret not having a photo. 

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