Friday, February 05, 2016

#WYFF - The One Where we Play with the Kids

Another week in the history books! Another two weeks of school done. One week closer to our release from Beale. We should be able to hit the Interstate in four short weeks. IF the VA has scheduled and completed appointments by then - surely they will. Right?

I'm doing #WYFF as a quick glimpse of our "time on the road,"  it's been a bit demoralizing to do Beale over and over and over, but we trust there is a purpose for our extra months here.

Our highlight today was kicking Matt and Rachel out so we could play with the kids! Matt was selected for a quarterly award - and tonight was the banquet.  Thanks to Rachel for sending this photo! Aren't they stunning?
An adopted Daughter and Son in Law

Joy asked Matt, "Are you a policeman at the show?" He was in dress blues. Darling girl.

Rachel thinks of everything. She had a couple of Papa Murphy's pizzas for us. We picked up a veggie one - without cheese for our odd dietary needs.  Our first order of business was to keep Ellie (Elly/Elianna/Eli) smiling and get the pizzas baking. I took over Ellie duty and Michael took over the pizzas.  Here's a bigger photo so you can check out the pizza cutter! It's a light saber - it makes NOISE when you cut with it. The kids knew the sound. LOL

The Force is strong in Mr. Mike
Nathan cracked us up when he saw the pizza. "Why is there grass pizza here?"

 I think he was a bit worried we'd make him eat it. I'd been teasing he and Zach earlier in the week by telling them I would bring liver and brussel sprouts.

We are not responsible for the mark on Ellie's forehead
Mr Mike, Gemma and Ellie

We were relieved at all the smiles Ellie had for us - though we caught none of them on the camera
Ellie and Gemma

The kids all had a great time playing. Poor Nolan had to stay at the Caboose. He's been fighting an awful flu, cold bug this week. 
Stacia & Joy
 Two years ago this little one made me an honorary Grandma when she named me "Gemma." She stole my heart....and the boys weren't far behind. We love these kids. She was delighted I caught this expression....I asked her if this is the new Joy smile. 
Joy turns 4 this month

Alex, Seth and Zach - where is Nathan?
 After dinner the boys put on a Lego movie for us. We'd never seen it before so it was a treat. I had to get a photo of Mr. Mike and Ellie - not sure why but he doesn't have the Grandpa label. I told them they could call him Peepaw...he wasn't appreciative and said that is a Dakota only name.
Mr. Mike and Ellie
We truly were blessed to get to spend time with the kids. Thanks for asking us, Matt and Rachel.

#WYFF (Where's Your Feet Friday) is sponsored by Fulltime Families. View more of our Friday exploits by clicking the #WYFF tab above. 

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