Saturday, April 02, 2016

We Beat Bella!!!!!

Refreshed with a leisurely night in the hot tub, we rose to tackle the day. TODAY we WOULD make it all the way to Eugene. We only had 90 miles to go - certainly we could drive 90 miles without an adventure.  The first thing we discovered is the RV'ers equivalent to the saying, "They put their pants on the same way you do."  Regardless of the swankiness of the RV resort you stay in or the fancy-ness of your RV - you have the same stinky slinky to deal with before you travel.

However, a swanky RV Resort will send you down the road with hot drinks! 

We knew Arielle had to work today, Krista is buried in homework for her graduate work, Arielle is swamped with New Hope homework, Bre was preparing for tomorrow's Kids Rock, Izaak was helping with a Big Game dinner and Mom and Dad had company. We settled in to our new home for the month of April. We found a really nice RV park just south of town....really glad we didn't settle for Franklin Blvd. 

Krista said to come over - so we did. We had planned to arrive on 29 March - it is 2 April. Four EXTRA days to go without laundry is a long time when you live with a scaled down wardrobe. Our plan was to start laundry and then go find something to do. Krista said she'd rather visit for a bit and work on homework tonight.  Worked for us. 

Michael and I needed to run to Walmart for a new drinking water hose....the kids opted to ride to the library and a park. Krista ordered the book Nolan hadn't been able to finish reading in CA. He has a month to "get er done."

We left to meet up with Mom, Dad and BreZaak at Calvary Open Bible for a "Big Game Dinner." This is a fund raiser the church does annually for one of their mission outreaches. Krista stayed to knock out homework.  The meal was yummy - and we won two really cool walking sticks and an amazingly bright flashlight. 

We headed back to the girls' home. Arielle had said she wanted to meet up with us before starting homework - Mount Neverrest. Michael proof-read a paper for Krista, Arielle got home, BreZaak stopped over, and we visited far longer than we should have. We kept the girls from homework. We'll do better the rest of the month. 

  We love spending time with adult Gherkins.  

We beat Bella to Eugene! 

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