Saturday, May 28, 2016

Will's Marathon and Musings

We moved over to my brother, Will, and his wife, Sherri's, house yesterday afternoon. Our trip to OR was rather sudden - prompted by the VA, and the campgrounds are full this weekend. This morning we headed over to a beautiful spot in Springfield and waited....
Stacia and Harmony (Will & Sherri's granddaughter)

There he is! Will (ahem - 50 years old) finishing his third marathon - 26+ miles. I'm impressed! 

I found myself oddly emotional as we watched others cross the line and then Will come in. A marathon - it's a long run, pace matters, it takes courage to run a marathon to the end, and training and hydration, grit....and it seems to me that we're running our own sort of marathon.....and I simply need to keep putting one foot in front of the other. I don't have to keep up with another racer; I simply need to finish my race...

One foot in front of the other - and eventually -  you cross the finish line. 

Well done, Will. We're proud of you! 

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Anonymous said...

YES well done Will. and YES Mike/DeEtta you two are definitely running the race you are in with determination and in good style. Proud of you all. love/prayers t