Sunday, June 19, 2016

Wedding Fever

Yes, it's Wedding Season in our humble home again. This is Stacia hamming it up. She knows when a family member is getting married, and you receive a REAL means you're in the wedding party. 

THIS is Stacia really excited as she read the invite. 

First a Flower Girl, then a Junior Bridesmaid and this time she'll be a BRIDESMAID for Arielle. 

Yes, we have wedding fever. CoRielle have set a wedding date of 17 December 2016. We have found a venue, they've selected colors and a theme, they've invited friends and family to be in the wedding party, chosen a pastor (Um - Michael is thrilled) and they've found a "nearly sure" photographer.  Things are moving along.


Anonymous said...

we are really looking forward to the wedding. Glad it is in this area so we can be present. We are excited. lp mom t.

Anonymous said...

Exciting! Love seeing G'Kids getting married. Just makes our family grow and grow. Tell Stacia we are excited for her being a brides maid. NEAT!. lp dad/mom t