Friday, June 03, 2016

#WYFF - Family Happenings

I confess up front - I'm fudging.....these pictures are from 2 June - which isn't Friday and so maybe this should be #WYFT  - it's still a glimpse of our week. LOL 

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO KRISTA! We missed seeing her today, but know she is enjoying her classes  in Lynchburg. 

We began the day thinking this was our last day in Oregon. Michael had a VA appointment bright and early. Armitage Park is VERY convenient for those with appointments at the VA clinic.  Things went swimmingly well at the clinic. We stopped and checked into scheduling his MRI. They suggested 9 June - but we NEED to get down to CA and Mom G - so we scheduled for the same day as one of his other appointments towards the end of June.  He has 2 days of appointments scheduled that week. 

JaRissa are on the LAST leg of their journey. It's a long way from TX to AK (we've done it a couple of times), and it makes me smile to think of all they'll experience in the next couple of days. They were able to get an upgrade! Score. 
You may remember Mom's phone went into Sahalie Falls? We had her meet us at Walmart. Verizon was not going to allow her to upgrade (odd as she'd had this phone 2 years), and the price of a new phone was more than mom wanted to pay. She likes the phones Krista and I have ($79 Samsung Galaxy Core Prime from Walmart). I helped her get everything she needed for the phone, and we parted ways planning to meet again in the afternoon or at dinner time.

Feeling very productive, we headed back to The Caboose, picked up the kids, and went for lunch with Bre and Bella  at The Daily Bagel.  We scheduled a farewell dinner with CoRielle, my folks and Lorri for the evening; but BreZaak had plans.

As we enjoyed lunch and Bella cuddles (no photos - busy cuddling), Michael received a phone call. We have one "last" unscheduled issue on his claim requiring "further development." We had been warned they were busy, and the wait times for appointments were long. They scheduled him for Sunday at 0830.  It became apparent we'd not be leaving on Friday.  We couldn't extend at Armitage, but Deerwood RV Park was happy to have us back. It's more money, further away from where we need to be, but the staff is so friendly, and we are happy to have a spot.

Next on my agenda was LAUNDRY and lending Mom phone assistance. Michael and Dad headed off to get the oil changed.  According to the odometer, we put around 5,000 miles on the van during the month of May - definitely time for an oil change.  Mom and I got her set up with Straight Talk (1/2 the price of Verizon per month), switched phone numbers and attempted laundry. 

I had to leave to get dinner finished.  Everyone showed up and the fun began. 

 Cory takes S'mores seriously

Just as we thought the evening was winding down, Michael brought out Patrick McManus. Several around the fire had never heard of him. It was a nice way to end the evening.

Since this IS #WYFF - Friday we moved across town, visited with Mom and Dad, played games, and had dinner at BreZaak's. We came home and watched, "Tangled", a nice ending to a week filled with fun and the unexpected as well.

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