Saturday, July 16, 2016

2016 Southern OR Kite Festival

Crowds, shuttles, sunscreen, wind, Charlie Chaplin, Peter Pan, kites of all varieties, giant wind spinners, Winnie the Pooh, vendors and loud speakers, all add up to create the Southern Oregon Kite Festival in Brookings, Oregon.  This was the 24th year of the festival - always the third weekend in July. 

I would love to give you more details on the types of kites flown - but we're newbies at this. We didn't see some of the fun ones showcased on the website, but we did see plenty of kites and enjoyed a great day out and about in the local area. 

The Train Kites flown by the Bay Area Sundowners were fantastic

In the future, we'd take a cooler (you never sure if those will be allowed at group events), chairs or a blanket to sit on, hats and money for vendors. However, we kept this outing very cost effective. The festival is free. The shuttle is free. We had $4 cash on us...and Nolan found some Kettle Corn we shared as we waited for the shuttle back to the parking lot.

We stopped at Dairy Queen for eats and treats before heading home. The video below showcases a bit of the day. 

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