Friday, July 08, 2016

#WYFF - All Things WEDDING

Today was all things wedding....a fun day for the girls, myself and my mom. We began with a meeting with Sherri, our wedding coordinator. She is also beloved Aunt and sister in law. ::grin::  It was good to begin corralling all the wedding thoughts into one big plan. Thanks, Sherri.

Our next stop was to pick Mom up from the beauty salon. We had just enough time to grab some lunch before our appointment here. Our Mission:  find a dress Arielle LOVED at a price that would comfortably fit into the wedding budget. BTW, this store gives a 10% military discount.

BreAnne and Bella joined us ....Bella loves her Aunties AND wedding dress shopping! 

Lainna, a bridesmaid, is a friend of Arielle's from New Hope

Let the serious shopping begin....I love Arielle's expression here, "What ARE you doing to me?"

THIS is what it looks like when you are a size 4 shopping for a wedding dress in America....I think the clips add a nice touch. 

Please note, this post contains no photos of Arielle in the dress she loves....and therefore, the group photos will need to wait until after 17 December. LOL  You can see more of the group in this quick video. 

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Anonymous said...


We have a beautiful bride just waiting to walk down the aisle and astonish her Young Man. Arielle was beautiful in each and every wedding gown she tried on.....BUT the perfect one is beyond beautiful.

Cory get ready to be bowled over with beauty.

love/prayers --- mom t and G'Ma t