Thursday, August 25, 2016

Another Summer Day

Michael had a hard morning - but he wanted to get "something" done. I'm surprised how much we got done.  The guys kept working on spots here and there....Mom G had a list of "little jobs" for Stacia. While Stacia worked on her list, I vacuumed, changed sheets and started some laundry....then I joined the guys outside for a bit. 

Looks like a bear visited....
 Stacia talked Alex into bringing fishing gear today. It was a sad moment when we realized we'd given her everything she needed - except fishing line. Alex fished.....she went to plan B. I know this photo looks bad - but she really had a great attitude.

She and Nolan played a game balancing on logs and rocks....they reported the water was colder than on Sunday. 

Michael and I sat at the river's edge and relaxed. Neighbor's came down and we visited. It was a nice end to a good day......well we did have dinner and a campfire back at the park. LOL

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