Friday, August 26, 2016

Fridays are for Fishing - #WYFF

A lot was accomplished today.  Sadly, no one had swim suits today at the end of the work day. Stacia is the one who always grabs the suits on the way out the door - and today - her thoughts were on fishing! Michael and she had added line to the rod and she was excited to try it again. 

Both Mom G and Michael had shared what has to be done after you catch a fish. You have to kill it, you have to clean it - and this means gutting. She has only done catch and release in the past. 

The kids have been snorkeling and know the fish are up by the rapids. Stacia chose to fish downstream...where they had not seen fish. She caught a 9 inch trout. She doesn't seem very excited about the next steps in the process, does she? 

Alex steps in....

She did it - the first trout on her new rod
 Ah - be free to swim another day....she watched to make sure it was o.k. 
The Smith is so CLEAR! 
I prefer catch and release myself.

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