Thursday, August 11, 2016

Travel Day

It's a travel day.

We are getting very familiar with I5 between WA and CA. ::snort::

We stopped in Eugene and picked up brownies from Rebecca, Michael's sister, for Mom G's birthday.  She generously filled a couple of coolers with ORGANIC produce for us. Yummmo. It was good to see her. The warehouse at Organic Grown Inc. is something else - and the trucks and vans are pretty. I wanted to eat a salad just walking by them.
Via Google Images
We also stopped in Springfield and picked up a kayak at my parents. We had given it to Krista, and she didn't remember.  She suggested we take it with us as we are "living" on the river.....

We're rushing, as fast as we can while pulling the Caboose, back to the Redwoods....bringing a birthday celebration with us for Mom G.

We're about to hit the windy roads of the Redwood Hwy and I will lose cell and not be able to continue blogging....but I'm caught up.

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