Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Fall Drive - Redwood Highway (US 199)

Michael and I enjoyed our drive through the Redwoods this morning. The Redwood Highway is beautiful during every season - but the colors were beautiful today.  Redwoods and Firs stay green. However, the Maples, Madrones, Alders, and Ferns show off with yellow, orange and red foliage!  Our cameras were back in the trailer - but I grabbed some snaps with my phone. 

 It took us three hours to get to Roseburg. This was the closest location for Michael to have a barium swallow test. We'll post some thoughts on recent appointments later..... Michael stopped for lunch at Pita Pit - I'm a happy Herbivore.

With the tests completed we headed to Grants Pass. We had hoped to get the oil changed, but didn't want to wait two hours. We bought some groceries, snagged dinner at Applebees, and  headed for the woods.

Unfortunately, by the time we left town it was RAINING and DARK.  Another challenge in addition to the normal narrow, winding drive.  Michael pointed out all the usual spots for rock slides. It seems this is a big deal around here in the fall/winter.  We enjoyed the day to visit and process, we got more answers, the fall colors were gorgeous - the rain and dark drive through the  Redwoods a bit daunting.

We're home safe and sound. These guys are playing Farkle....I'm re-establishing  the discipline of blogging.

The rain on the roof of the Caboose is welcoming after a day running around in the rain. LOL

What a week and it's only Tuesday!!!!! YIKES!!!!


Anonymous said...

WOW! What a beautiful drive!

Glad you got the pleasure of seeing such beauty on your way to Roseburg. Going to practice a lot the art of throwing dice so I can do better at Farkle :) :) :) :)

love/prayers ....mom t

DeEtta @ Courageous Joy said...

Get your Farkling ready the kids will be up in November.