Friday, October 14, 2016

Gift of Parenting

BreAnne asked Michael about us presenting a workshop on parenting at her church months ago. I have done a workshop on mothering. Michael has counseled numerous parents. We had never compiled our thoughts into one spot and we had never presented a workshop together.  This was a fun challenge! We found we had time to consider it after Michael retired from the chaplaincy. ::grin:: We  planned, prayed, thought, wrote, prepared...tonight was the first night of a two day parenting workshop called, "The Gift of Parenting."  We're presenting the workshop at Calvary Open Bible Church in Springfield, OR. 

Of course, seeing Bella, held here by Donna, is a highlight of any trip to Oregon. 
Bella is 6 months old!
In the workshop we share tips and pointers we've learned through our study of the Word and our 31 1/2 years of parenting. We discuss both our stunning success and our breathtaking fails - all covered by the amazing grace of God.We focus on changing our perspective and gaining God's vision for parenting in general  and specifically for each of our children. The weekend was divided into 5 sessions - with time for breaks, activities and questions interspersed throughout. The sessions are The Gift of Children, The Gift of Mentoring, The Gift of Gratitude, The Gift of Why and The Gift of Legacy.

It was positive for Michael and I to reflect on where God has brought us and it seemed valuable to those who attended to have the time to stop and reflect as well. There were several comments about how valuable the weekend was to various couples. Our favorite moments came as we watched parents catch a vision for what God may be doing with a more difficult child as they re-framed their situation and searched for God's vision for that child.

Several said they felt this was the start of a new ministry outlet for us. We shall see what God does with this small beginning. We are open to travel (obviously) and sharing.

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