Saturday, October 08, 2016

Sea Cruise Auto Show

We were in town last night and noticed quite a few classical cars. It took a quick look online (love my smart phone) to find out this was the weekend of the 25th annual  Sea Cruise Auto Show. Mom had mentioned it weeks back. We called to see if she'd like to go on an outing today. It turns out she has never made it and always thought it would be fun. 

I drove Michael over to the house so he could drive Mom to town. I picked the kids up and we headed in as well.  The park was FULL of cars!  The sun was shining. The vendors had fry bread - though they  called it something else at the Job's Daughter's trailer. LOL  We sauntered down and bought a couple to share. 

Michael and Mom arrived just as we were paying. We met up and shared our treat! Then it was off to explore the rows and rows of classic cars!
Nolan, Alex, Michael, Stacia, Mom 

 This 1941 Ford Coupe caught my fancy! 

Live music....

The photo below isn't great but it reminds me of a fun day AND it's the last time I wore my favorite sweat shirt. I had it in my bag on the way back from the showers, it fell out, and someone picked it up. I hope they needed it.

Slug Bug - for real! 

An electric car from the 1800's. 

We were looking for cars like Grandma Anne's (Mom G's mom) old car. We found much more than that.  We ended the day with a dinner in town, before we rounded up the cars and headed back to the Redwoods.

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Linda said...

I was a Job's Daughter. :) So funny to see them out in the community. They didn't have them in our part of Florida when I moved here in 1984, and they've been dying out since then. So sorry about your sweatshirt. :(