Thursday, November 17, 2016

Day 6 - Michael's Birthday at Sea

Michael is another year older! Today is a "fun day at sea." We've discovered we aren't into all the shows, gambling, shopping or drinking - a fun day at sea to us is playing mini-golf, walking the decks, reading on our balcony and talking.

I realized this a.m.  I was having trouble walking a straight line. We noted at breakfast it was much choppier than it has been and the waves outside our window were bigger than they have been. Sure enough the top decks were closed. We are glad to have our balcony and after sitting on the decks for a bit we headed back there. 

I returned a book to the Ship's library and picked out another one. I also stopped by the candy store and bought a few treats for the day. We spent the day reading and talking on our balcony. I find it's nice to be OUTSIDE when the ship is moving a bit more than usual, but it's nice to be lower down where our balcony is (6th deck) as opposed to the 11th deck.

We have discovered our stateroom - which is 6th deck mid - is directly above the bandstand in the casino. This would explain why our stateroom is very loud until the clubs and casino close each night. In the future, we'll look for some aft or fore or on a higher deck. This WAS a great spot for motion sickness!!!

Can't help but consider all the changes this past year has held for Michael and our family. Hoping we are settling into a glide path for the upcoming year. 

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