Friday, November 25, 2016

Quartzsite to Beale AFB - #WYFF

We weren't planning on this route, but Samantha took us this way. Samantha, the RV GPS.....when we saw we were going to go by the north gate of Edwards we got in touch with Rachel. They were in Lodi with her family. We stalked them to Lodi and met on a street.....This was our first time to meet up with them since Matt went from ammo to Chaplain.  We moved to Beale when Joy as about Ellie's age...she called me looked at Michael and I and said, "You're getting OLD." ::snort:: Michael DID just have a birthday and I told him it seems he's getting close to 60. ::wink::  The boys were playing with family I'm sure.....but we loved our visit with Matt, Rachel and the girls on the side of the road in Lodi.

Ellie, Rachel, Joy, Me

Matt & Michael 
Joy seemed impressed with our new house. Ellie mostly liked all the driver snacks she found. LOL  Joy thinks the basement would make a good room for kids.  

I LOVE this gal's natural curls....and her fun spirit. 

She totally didn't remember us - but we expected that. It was still fun to see how much Ellie has grown! 
We pulled into Beale and discovered the fam camp was full. They agreed to let us dry camp in one of the abandoned housing sites down here. This works well for us NOW that we are so easily and completely self contained. No fear of running our battery down - we have a GENERATOR.  It will be QUIETER than a truck stop and the host said it was

We filled up with fuel....over $200 and approx 84 gal. We ARE getting better mileage than we are used to. I suggested I drive from the station to the fam camp. It seemed a good time for me to practice turning and breaking (things I didn't do on the highway) in a spot with very little traffic. I did fine. Michael said he's surprised how quickly I'm adjusting and thinks I'm going to be a good RV driver. The grace of God manifested - that's what THAT is.

The Coyotes are having a FIT out there tonight. I've decided not to walk up to the shower tonight.

#WYFF (Where's Your Feet Friday) is sponsored by Fulltime Families. 

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