Sunday, December 25, 2016

Christmas Memories

Every year I feel I must warn young families to beware of the traditions they begin. I have NO recollection of deliberately setting about to make cinnamon rolls a Christmas breakfast tradition - but it has become one.  When I jokingly complain it makes no sense as a tradition, they observe that  it connects us to Gram's Cinnamon rolls....and I bake on.πŸ˜€

It was fun for us to have Jamin and Krista with the five home bound Gherkins. 

After we gobbled up our rolls, we headed over to Krista's church. I love it when Christmas falls on Sunday - it makes our celebration feel much more natural.  Krista gave an advent devotional, there was lots of worship and various ones of us read Scripture selections. It was perfect.

Cinnamon rolls, worship, some family....the only thing lacking to make it feel more Christmasy was MORE FAMILY. We headed over to Mom and Dad T's around 3:30 p.m. Mikhail and Elizabeth (Natae and Heather's children), Will and Sherri, all three of their kids and Lily (Matthew's fiance), BreZaak and Bella, us 5 homie Gherkins and CoRielle converged in Springfield.  I tried to get one picture of all - but failed.  We missed you Nate and Heather.....JaRissa and Josiah.....
 Mikhail complains all the games are too much strategy! I agree. 
 Sisters - Stacia and Mrs. S

Seating for 20....

Lots of Bella loving for Gemma.....
Bella's First Christmas
 Gherkins playing some card game.

Mom and Dad had some gifts for everyone. We each got part of Dad's coin/stamp and coins from around the world....
Sherri and Mikhail
Mom T passing out gifts...

Matt and Lily
 It took three to get Dad's gift open - an alarm clock shaped like a semi-truck. 

Will and Jamin checking out the value of coins - amazed at how they change over time. 

When we got home we noted lights on all over the house. We didn't remember leaving lights on. Then we noted a man carrying things OUT of the house. Jamin jumped out to investigate. CoRielle were picking up more of Arielle's things.

We were too tired to eat the Birthday cake Michael had made for fact, I went to bed while the others played games (will be good to get those new thyroid meds).

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