Sunday, December 18, 2016

See You Later - Matane

Sunday, the day after "the wedding," and it's still not time to relax! We drove across town and picked up Emily and Alicia. Emily caught a bus to Portland where she will meet up with her family who are flying in from overseas. 
Alicia, Emily, Stacia, Alex, Nolan 
 There are so many precious memories from the past weeks, but having Emily and Alicia here for Arielle's big day is right up there with the top memories. It was fun for this mom to watch the fruit of well-rooted friendships - though Arielle  moved every 2 - 4 years of her life. We've always focused on our roots being in relationships - with others and Jesus - rather than location specific. It was fun to have the principle illustrated. I loved seeing the shadows of 15 and 16 yo girls in the adult women these gals have become.

We said goodbye to Emily and went back to Springfield in time to say goodbye to Josiah and JaRissa.  JaRissa had a 9 p.m. flight from SEA TAC....Josiah hoped to get them early enough that they could catch an earlier flight. They WERE able to fly out earlier and Larissa even ran into an old friend in the Seattle airport.

We are down to two "guests" left...Jamin and Alicia. We enjoyed lunch and then spent a few hours at Mom and Dad's playing games. We said our goodbyes to Alicia - Krista will take her to the airport in the morning and we will pick up Jamin and move from our RV park to Krista's driveway.

The week is winding down.....or gearing up for a new week.

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