Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Bella at 8 months

 BreAnne had a meeting at work and asked if we could come play with Bella so she could pay attention. I felt the start of a "bug" (going on week 2 now of nastiness) and so brought Stacia to actually do the interacting with Bella. I sat across the room and gave helpful suggestions and snapped photos.  Yes, I DID sneak in some hugs and cuddles when Bella came over and reached for me.....and I used huge amounts of  hand sanitizer in that short time.
Crazy cute hat! 

Bella loved her books at home and she loved this one too. Gemma thinks this is a very good sign! 
10 Dec -  8 months old
Bella is a delight at 8 months!  Bre's friend made them these matching hats! They are the kind your hair pulls through, so Gaylene added yard hair for Bella. Our very own Cabbage Patch doll. 

When we watched Bella last week, she was determined to climb the stairs, more gates are installed. ::snort:: She's a climber.....brings back fun memories of finding Jamin on top of the fridge one morning.  

We didn't care much for the season when kids began leaving home - at all. We are LOVING this grandparent season - so I guess it evens out. What a sweetie - and number two is due the end of June!!! 

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