Tuesday, January 03, 2017

Ja Mata, Jamin!

When everyone else went home after the wedding, Jamin stayed.  He went home on 3 January and will prepare for his final semester at A & M. This is the longest visit we have had with Jamin since he moved out of our house in 2009.

Krista happened to have two roommates move out at about the same time as the wedding, 😏and we all moved over to her house after the out of town bridesmaids flew home. Jamin camped out in one of the rooms upstairs and we moved our rolling home to her driveway. It was nice to be on "that" side of town and be able to easily visit with BreZaak.

He  was a big help to Michael who has gone on a project binge the past few weeks. 😉

Jamin is the star of many of our parenting stories, and it is truly a blessing to see the man he has become.

His time has been full lately with travel and internship in Germany, attending writing conferences, writing his novel, finishing his degree at the Bush school of Government, and speaking at Sustainability conferences.

He's got a big year ahead of him....he'll turn 26 next month and shortly have his second master's degree. He's been online applying for a variety of jobs post-graduate. We look forward to seeing where he ends up.

We are thankful for the extra time we had to enjoy Jamin this year! Today, we said "Ja Mata!"

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