Tuesday, January 03, 2017

Mystery Thriller Puzzle

Isn't it ironic how many GREAT things one fines when cleaning out their things to MOVE? Krista was no exception. I'd never heard of this - but it was GREAT. It's a mystery thriller puzzle. There is a story to read, and then a 1000 piece puzzle to  put together. There was NO PICTURE to guide you. The picture is a clue to solve the murder mystery. 

These four worked on the puzzle for a couple of days....

I helpfully pointed out saws, shotguns and forklifts as the puzzle came together. 

Michael and Nolan worked on throughout the day when they had breaks....we wanted it done tonight. 
We texted the photo to Jamin so he could be in on the solution. 
 Checking the photo for clues! 

The best thing is she found the puzzle at a thrift store for $1 - $2. I must go thrifting while we are here! 

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