Tuesday, January 03, 2017

Krista's Crazy Winter Vacation

Whew! Krista's Winter vacation has been a whirlwind. Her last few weeks have been "full". Some of the craziness was expected - Arielle's wedding, family visiting, roommates moving out - some was unexpected -  sprained collateral ligament in her knee!  

I KNOW having all of us in her driveway and Jamin in her roommate's old room was both a blessing and a stress. I do pray it was mostly blessing. We LOVED spending time with her, being here to help during the days when she wasn't mobile, taking her to doc appointments, shopping together, cooking together...and WE got to help her move!  It is fun to be the helper and not the  main movee. 😊

She had planned to be ready to move by the time she went back to work - but her knee injury slowed her down, just a bit. She's sorted things to give to sisters and friends, donate, store until she moves to Virginia, store until she goes active duty, take with her to Mexico.....it's all getting done. Before this beautiful, live tree came down, she hosted family dinners, two game nights, one Christmas Party, one New Year's Eve party and will host a birthday party tomorrow night and another on Saturday. This is "slow" Krista. πŸ˜€πŸ˜‰πŸ˜

She's been BUSY - though she says she stayed home most her vacation. ::snort:: She HASN'T played any more soccer. Her knee is still giving her trouble and she will be starting physical therapy soon. 

Krista went back to school today, Jamin flew back to College Station today. We moved a few more things for Krista, took a load to storage for her, and generally tried to get things "in order" for her. We also washed ALL our bedding - I can't even get all of the queen sheets in a load in the motor home. It took FIVE HOURS when I tried. 😜We're working to remove all trace of "us," as we'll pull chocks tomorrow. 

Her bedroom is nearly empty. Two rooms ARE empty. The living room furniture is gone. 

People have been coming by for days to buy things. Frankly, as a mom, I'm HAPPY we are here with all the characters from Craig's list dropping in and out.  Can you guess what the boys are doing? 

 Krista asked Jamin to make sure her checks were destroyed...um....they are!Another pile is growing to be donated. This may not end until she is driving down the highway. ::snort::

I had one of her favorite meals ready when she got home from work, Veggie Pot Pie, we've played games and answered the door to Craig's list folks...it's time for vacation to come to an end and all of us to get back to reality.

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