Monday, February 06, 2017

Bella's Big Personality at 9 Months

Bella is developing a BIG personality at nine months of age - and it's a blast to be nearby as she matures. 

Nine months old - she is saying a few more words, she still growls, and laughs and now she has TEETH. She's also putting on weight, proving to pediatricians she is just fine - simply on her own pattern of life.  

She loved opening gifts for her soon to arrive baby brother! I'm quite sure she didn't realize the blue dinosaurs and trucks were not meant for her! ::snort::

My favorite shot of Bella this month!

She is standing outside of BreZaak's kitchen. Izzak likes to cook and Bella loves to watch him cook. She gets very excited and happy when he goes to the kitchen, as she knows he will share whatever he is making with her!

Being two minutes away from our sweet Bella is the best part of house-sitting!

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