Sunday, March 12, 2017

Love Me Some Gherkins

Josiah - our eldest male Gherkin - drove down from Seattle this afternoon! Cody, the sawed off Husky accompanied him. I'll have to get a photo of the two of them. LOL

We ran over to Rebecca's in the afternoon - picked up some stuff we need to take care of for the estate and checked out her new pick up. Wow, it's pretty. I think it's about perfect for a toad - but Michael says it would be too heavy. Still looking for a toad - want one before the end of April when we head to CO and TX.

BreZaak and Bella dropped by in the evening. It was fun to chat together! 

We discussed Josiah's upcoming move to Alaska (May 12th y'all), used the internet to check out a few more pieces of property for Michael and I, talked about HOW Josiah's going to handle the transportation of the move, confirmed my need of a HOT TUB if these crazies are going to move me to Alaska instead of Texas (I may need a sauna too), discussed dreams we all have..... Can you believe it will be over $4,500 for us to take the motorhome up on the ferry?  I predict we get very familiar with the Alaskan Highway (ALCAN). 

After BreZaaks' visit we introduced Josiah to Dominion.  I like this game much better than Monopoly.

*Gherkins - collective and individual nickname for our offspring; online pseudonym for our last name. If you know us in person, you understand.

If you are ever confused by an acronym we use, click the tab at the top of the page for an explanation. 

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