Friday, March 10, 2017

Recent Recap

Februarys are ALWAYS one of the busiest months of our year. I breathe a sigh of relief when 1 March hits. As I start to blog, I realize it is easier to share glimpses and move on.

12 Feb  - took care of last minute details for the memorial service; continued looking for titles and such.

13 Feb - Mom G's memorial service - great to see family and friends

14 Feb - Michael, Reb and I ran into town to work on a few things and enjoyed dinner out together. This is our 33rd anniversary.

15 Feb - Reb left, we kept looking for titles, boys had Japanese
Snuggled in at Beale Fam Camp
16 Feb - 18 Feb  - We traveled down to Beale Air Force Base. Michael spent a day and a half hounding the owner of the moving company which had our things. I spent a day calling creditors, insurers and such for Mom G's estate.

We were incredibly blessed by Brittney loaning us Stefan's car. I was sad he was deployed, but we were incredibly blessed to use his car.

Michael spent Saturday trying to fix the horn on the motor home and I spent it visiting with friends.

19 Feb we left the flooded areas and drove back to our little spot in the redwoods.
View from my windshield

20 Feb  - we pruned trees - in the rain - but it had to be done. Michael wanted to get this done before the trees budded.

All the rain had the river quite certainly changes with the seasons

21  - 22 Feb -  We moved into town and parked with our windshield to the ocean....We didn't have a toad along and so we needed to be in town so we could walk to appointments.

Best Ever #ViewFromMyWindshield

We visited with a lawyer, a realtor, the county court recorders, county title and deeds office, a banker and I can't remember what else.  The boys had another Japanese lesson - thank God for web X and tutors.

Michael's hoodie is caught in the slide
23 Feb - We had a couple of errands before we hit the highway for OR. Dad G had planted a Bing Cherry tree years ago and was disappointed it never produced. Michael talked with a neighbor who own orchards and discovered there needed to be another cherry tree to cross-pollinate.  We "zipped" in and out of a couple of nurseries, not an easy task with a 38 Ft vehicle, and finally found the right tree. We expected a potted tree, but Alex and Michael had to dig this one up.

We stopped in the park and planted the cherry tree. We also took lots of exterior and interior photos for the realtor/probate stuff.

Would you believe it was BRIGHT and SUNNY this day. It made it hard to leave the area - but leave we did.  We got back to Eugene late on the 23rd.

24 Feb we caught up on laundry, unloaded the motorhome and moved it to Will and Sherri's.

25 Feb we met with Rebecca and her friend to share what we'd discovered about the estate and to plan a way forward.  We continue to close out eras and ring in new seasons. We enjoyed visits from BreZaak, Bella and Arielle.

26 Feb - Current we are back house-sitting; hitting our books with a vengeance, sorting through things we may not want in the motorhome, visiting doctors, taking mom and dad to doctors,  and Michael is working incessantly on repairs and tweaks at the motorhome. And Gemma is getting lots of Bella time in - for which I am grateful.

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