Friday, May 26, 2017

A Very Good Day

Great news! We began looking for a used 5x8 trailer to haul a few items we have at Mom's to Alaska with us.  We didn't find any and the time to leave is quickly approaching. Yesterday, we went shopping for a new one.  We have to install electric brakes to go through the Yukon Territory.  The decision was made that 6x10 would pull fine behind the motorhome and the bigger size was o.k. if we had brakes. A new trailer, with brakes installed, would be $4500.

Michael has been hounding Craigslist and buy/sell lists. A new one came up. He drove to Creswell and looked. It's 6x10 AND already has breaks for $1800. WooHoo!

Josiah and Jamin met Biff, from Biff's Home Inspections, at the new house this afternoon. They were our reps during the home inspection. Apparently, we have a prior resident who likes the house too.  We enjoyed the moose that wandered into our yard in Eagle River. No problems at all - though we were late a few times waiting for him to leave our driveway. I expected moose living out in the country - and  found lots of scat when we looked at the house.  I DO want to have a garden. Several of the homes we looked at in the country HAD gardens; we're researching how to keep our garden from becoming Bullwinkle's favorite all-you-can-eat buffet! πŸ˜•πŸ’“πŸ˜

I spent the afternoon with the world's greatest walking partner ever! Bella enjoyed the flowers, the sun, the birds...and she fell asleep and took a nap at the proper time by the time we got back home.

Granna's walking partner
 Gideon is in real cloths and a real crib today. They also gave him his first bottle. He's not very impressed, but he did get 10 ml down via bottle vs. feeding tube. He isn't sucking much, but it drips into his mouth and he swallows. This is progress. Bottom line - he is learning to eat; they continue to try nursing.

 We suspected he'd be into newborn clothes by the time he left NICU;  maybe we'll go get a preemie outfit or two.

We topped the night off with pizza and games at my parents. Nadia and Casper dropped by for a bit. It was good to spend time with family and will be hard to say goodbye again....but there is more family to say hello to in Alaska.

Finally, we are contemplating buying a fridge here and hauling it to Alaska vs paying the higher price in AK. We hate to miss the good sales this weekend and know we'll need a fridge when we arrive.  In our search we found this....a style we're interested in...but check out that brand name!#EditingMatters

Oh - one final last thing πŸ˜‰.....Krista texted and passed her PT test at COT (Commissioned Officer's Training).

We leave for Alaska in 10 days and a wake up.

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