Tuesday, May 23, 2017


The kids jumped right into school this morning and Michael and I went to retrieve Yuuki from Lorri, Mom and Dad. Lorri was dog sitting for us while we were in AK.

Today is Mom's LAST RADIATION DAY!!!!!  What a great day to see! We are thankful to see the end and that Mom will be feeling better in a couple of weeks.
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Michael and I spent a few hours at BreZaak's so they could go over and see Gideon. We always enjoy Bella time.

The countdown clock was a bit off.....we've reset it to await Baby S now.  

We accepted the seller's counter. Pending any unexpected finds on the home inspection we are buying a home.  We began pricing fridges, washer/dryers and such online.

Arielle turned 20 years old today!!!!! We are so thrilled to see the "lioness of God" this little gal has become.

And of course - Gideon made family news today too! 
Hello, Little Man. 
Gideon opened his eyes and smiled at BreZaak today. He is still breathing well on his own.  He is being weaned off of the IV of sugar water and such and is getting breast milk through a feeding tube. Thanks for your continued prayers on his behalf.

Josiah and Jamin completed their trip to Alaska! 

Cody is happy to see Josiah! 

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