Thursday, May 11, 2017

Register Rock

The view was still great this morning! 

We drove around to the spot where travelers on the Oregon/California Trail used to camp. We were looking for Registration Rock.  

Trains would camp in this meadow beside a salmon stream, cook dinner and then carve their names in the rocks around the area.

This is the moment when we discovered Salmon jumping up the creek....I took photos and videos, but I don't think you can see them. I'll check later. It's hard to edit on windy roads. 

We loved the above story of J.J. Hansen. 

Indian head - carved when he was 7 and camped here; he visited years later in 1902. 

Trying to spot the preacher's and Indian's heads

I don't see the preacher's head....

Michael went exploring the area. We knew there had to be wagon ruts....I suspect much was destroyed when the interstate was built.....

Though they aren't walked bare.....these appear to be wagon ruts. 

This was a great morning drive. We were fascinated with the  history of the spot....and it's ideal for a picnic. It's not far from the Interstate and worth your stop if you are driving be.

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