Thursday, June 22, 2017

Entertaining in the RV

Was the 2703 mile drive worth it? Yes. 
Josiah has been in training and today was our first chance to see him. JaRissa had to work late, but Jamin and Cy drove out (45 minutes), visited and had dinner with us.  This is the promise of things to come. I can barely wait for the end of July/August to have a dinner at our new home with us and 13 of our kids/grands....and then at Christmas KRISTA will be home too!!!! I could live in Thule, Greenland if these kids were there! 😱😡😱

It took the instant pot, the convection oven and all three burners, but we got er done.

Stacia and I worked out a new brownie recipe which she baked for dessert. It was a hit. We'll tweak it and do it again to make sure it wasn't a fluke and then; if we still like it best, post it to the blog and remove all other brownie recipes. I think we can make these blondies too....hmm.....probably could have made these much earlier if we'd just thought to take our favorite blondie recipe and add chocolate. 🐽(Can the pig snout be my emoji for ::snort::???)

Because some will wonder - we had Beef Stroganoff (Mushroom for me), corn, kale salad, garlic bread and brownies.

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