Thursday, June 01, 2017

GRAND Blessings!

First, it is NOT a blessing for Gideon to have been born early and to have been in a fight to learn to breathe and eat on his own. I know that. Believe me. 

However, it is second nature to find the blessing - to look for the joy....and spending lots of Bella time has been a joy!  There is no doubt this time before we hit the AlCan is BUSY....if there weren't a REASON, I know I wouldn't have so many peaceful and contented hours with Bella this week.  Thinking of how fun it will be to live around Bella and Gideon and Baby Squires makes it a tad bit easier to pick up and move.  

Another blessing? Gideon will be over 2 months old when they fly to Alaska. This is actually a relief. 

Today, we pulled up a chair for Bella to play on Uncle Bill/Bre's piano.  Of course you KNOW how long she stayed seated while playing....

Our little man continues to charm us. Today - 12 days after birth - he is tube free! Completely. The feeding tube is gone and he is now being fed on demand. We are praying he will be home before the end of the weekend.
Smiles and dimples too! 

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