Friday, June 16, 2017

On to Watson Lake, Yukon Territory - Day 10 of our AlCan Road Trip

#WYFF (Where's Your Feet Friday)  and we are somewhere FUN!

The road took us from Liard Hot Springs into Downtown RV in Watson Lake, Yukon Territory. 

Today's "mishap" - the instruments went out in Uchi. 

Great country for listening to "The Fellowship of the Ring," which Nolan and I are doing. 

Yukon Territory - Larger than Life

The scenery begins to change, but it's still beautiful. 

I continue to note phone booths. LOL 

After implementing Michael's photo strategy yesterday, we caught Mountain Sheep, we all wanted to see BEARS and MOOSE again and Bison. We did - most photos will be in the Wildlife Recap post to follow.
Big as life - crossing the highway

We quickly learn which road signs signal rough roads ahead. 

Have met several hard corp motorcyclists on the highway 

Michael and the kids went to the Sign Forest at Watson Lake. I had some sort of strange pain attack. We really began to think we'd have to find an ER - but I told them to take me back to Uchi and went to bed with a heating pad. The pain subsided (lower right side).

I'd love to come back here with a sign to add!  The Downtown RV Park wasn't anything to write home about, though it was fine for an overnight. It WAS across the street from this great lake/park.  

For video highlights of our day click here.

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