Monday, July 31, 2017

"Kids" Arrive in Alaska

The 31st of July - we're still houseless - but big things are happening. We received this photo early afternoon.  Izaak's parents, my parents and Krista were at the airport to see Arielle and BreZaak off to Alaska. 
Krista, Bre & Gideon, Arielle
Izaak's folks, Dad, Bella, Izaak, Mom 
 Michael opted to stay home. Nolan drove us through Anchorage to the airport. With the Jeep and Cory's Tahoe, we were ready for luggage and passengers. Finally, we saw them come through the hall. I did what Gemma's do....I began to run to the babes. The boys began to say, "Mom, mom!"


"Let Cory go first."

"I don't even see Arielle!"

Bella has been calling me on hang out several times a day. "Hi, hi!"  This is the moment when I leaned over the stroller and said, "Hi!" She looked so perplexed. Her phone had come to life.
BreZaak and me on the left - CoRielle on the right

Izaak, Arielle, Nolan, 

Aunt Larissa meets Gideon 
Back the park, everyone settle in.

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