Saturday, August 19, 2017

Exploring the Yard, Enjoying Family and Family Like Friends

We need to get motivated to hang photos and finish the school room/office and garage. BUT there are so many things that keep popping up....and we are going to have to leave about 50% of our photos/wall hangings off the walls. We have wonderful windows EVERYWHERE in this house....which makes for limited wall space.  I am procrastinating as I contemplate the problem and a solution.

Today, we opted to walk around the boundaries of the place. I discovered, under the cottonwood and weeds, these rocks define a STRAWBERRY BED. There was even a berry left and it was SWEET. We want to plant berries....I'm thrilled. I just have to figure out how to get all the cottonwood out without damaging the berries.  We'd like to plant raspberries and blueberries too.  We've seen all growing wild; I'm fairly certain they'll grow fine up here.

Jared and Larissa brought out a trampoline for Stacia's birthday. The boys put it together this afternoon.

Michael marked dead trees to be removed. 

I discovered a wide and varied crop of mushrooms. Unfortunately, Izaak says none are edible. 

Cory joined Michael for the survey

I had hoped this was portobella
 I have plans to sow some wildflower was fun to see some already growing in the woods....may just put the seeds back there next spring. 

More mushrooms

Just like that the trampoline was up and being used. 
Nolan - observed by Alex and a slightly jealous Arielle

Discovered a lot of wild roses


Stacia and Alex 

Nolan and Stacia
 Jamin and Jared came out to spend some time this afternoon. Larissa is in TX visiting family and we will miss her sweet presence.....Jamin decided to show the kids how to do somersaults. I never caught a good photo....but this one is fun.  

With the older guys involved this quickly become dodge ball trampoline....which I had not witnessed until I saw he video on my phone. πŸ˜…

 Stacia showed Maria how to make cookies....and Maria got creative. 

My Grandma T's cookie jar  - it made the trip just fine. 

Grandma T's cookie jar full of cookies

The guys and CoRielle joined us for Breakfast for Dinner. I thought of making something else when I heard the boys were coming, but it is Maria's last night with us and she LIKES breakfast for dinner. BreZaak had plans for homemade chili and I don't blame them at all for choosing that over breakfast for dinner. LOL

After dinner we played Dixit. I had gotten into something that made my hand tingle, then my mouth and nose. I took a Benadryl and it put me to sleep. I don't remember playing Dixit - but it appears I did play for a bit before wandering off to bed.

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