Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Pretty Section of Lowes or Gravel Spreading Again

 A few weeks ago, I was sent to Lowes. Finding a gadget at Lowes is as befuddling for me, as picking out a frippery at Claire's would be for Michael.  I invariably get the wrong doohickey. I've had lots of Lowe's practice the past few months. On this trip,  I discovered the pretty section of Lowe's. Interestingly enough, I've not been sent back alone since. I came back with everything they asked for!!!! - AND this hanging tree, some pretty work gloves and a BBQ grill. πŸ˜‰

My pretty work gloves were  essential today. Michael and I ran a couple of errands, the kids did a full day of school and  we continued to spread gravel all afternoon and into the evening. 

 Some have asked about why we had loads of gravel delivered.  There was quite a drop from the road to the top of our driveway and several big pot holes in the driveway. We wanted to fill them before winter arrives and we have big ice slicks to deal with under the snow.  The company insisted we needed this mixture of sand and gravel. I still think more gravel and less sand would have been a better idea. 🐽
Load after load to the top of the driveway

The proper job for an expectant Mommy. 

After weeks of looking, Izaak said I finally found edible mushrooms on the property! 

Wait - where's STACIA?  She stayed inside and made fresh lemonade and Veggie Pot Pie for dinner. 

It was a full and productive day! Hard work in school and home, followed by a yummy meal and relaxing at the table!

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